This page is to support Christy Caez as a Minneapolis Public School Member- At Large

Esta pagina es para apoyar a Christy Caez como miembro de la Junta de Gobierno de las Escuelas Publicas de Minneapolis



1) A voice for the teachers. I know from experience what is to work in not the best environment. I want that all the teachers in the district have the support they need.
2) A voice for the ELL community. Moving from Puerto Rico to Minnesota, I know that is not always easy to navigate the system. I was lucky because my English is not that bad. I want to make sure that those parents that doesn't know English will have all the information they need.
3) A voice for special education. Have 2 kids that receive Special Education Services, and worked as a special education teacher for 7 years. I'm planning to work in the legislative level to make sure that these services are not underfunded anymore.
4) A voice for the homeless and highly mobile students. I know for experience what is not having stable housing, and want to give support all the families that are in the same situation.
5) A voice for the parents. For me parent engagement is very important. I want to make sure the district give parent participation in every level.
Vote for me and I will be YOUR voice.


Growing up in Puerto Rico, I was a product of Excellent Public Schools. During my years in school, started to develop my leadership skills, and had excellent teachers. So, it was obvious that, when it was time to go to college my first career option was becoming a teacher. But when I stared working, was a witness of how the Public School system stared to decline. Even have the chance to teach in schools that I went to, and it wasn’t the same. When I had kids of my own, had to made a drastic decision, moving to Minneapolis. Needed to make sure that my children have the same opportunity to be in excellent schools. I don’t want the story to repeat again, so needed to make sure that Minneapolis Public Schools continue to be a district of excellent. That’s the main reason I want to be part or the School Board.